DNA Ahead Game & More™

3-in-1 Adventures in DNA

This 3-in-1 fun-filled educational Board Game/Picture Show-&-Tell/Creativity Kindler offers a comprehensive tour of DNA science with close-up views of scientists and their world along the way. It covers how advances in DNA science affect nearly every aspect of your life: the foods you eat; medical diagnoses and treatments; choices associated with reproduction; crime detection and courtroom evidence; as well as the availability of DNA-based information about your relationship to other species, your family ancestry, your genetic predispositions to diseases and other traits — AND the role of DNA in making you . . . You!

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Ages ~ Early Teens to Centenarians
No Science Knowledge Needed
User Friendly and Fun
Show-&-Tell Pictures Point the Way
Bridges Science to the Arts
Kindles Your Creativity


As you roll the Dice to move around the Board, the Claim Cards you collect spark your critical thinking and creative productions. You draw many Whoops-Or-Whoopee (WOW) Cards and Issues-Insights-Innovations (iii) Cards, whose Consequences trigger ups or downs.

Engagement with the Game materials — whether you play the Game or don’t — is likely to promote fun, laughter, creativity, and thought-provoking discussions about DNA topics that affect your life.

Brief DNA Ahead Overview Video